TM1818 16-channel constant current LED driver SSOP24

TM1818 16-channel constant current LED driver SSOP24
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TM1818 16-channel constant current LED driver SSOP24

TM1818 is an LED display driver IC design, it's built-in CMOS shift registers and latches function, can be parallel serial input data into output data format.TM1818 with 16 current source, can be in each output port 2 ~ 60 ma constant current to drive the leds, each channel output can be obtained after the sub OUT the driver larger output current, and when the environment changes, little impact on the output current.At the same time can choose different resistance (REXT) TM1818 to adjust the resistance of the current size of each output port, therefore, can accurately control the LED luminous brightness, suitable for high quality white balance display driver module.

Functional features
 16 constant-current source output channel
 current output size does not change because of output load voltage variation
 constant current current range value, 2 ~ 60 ma @ VDD = 5 v.2 ~ 45 ma @ VDD = 3.3 V
 extremely accurate current output values
(channel and channel) maximum error: plus or minus 1.5% or less
(chip and chip) maximum error: plus or minus 2.0% or less
 by regulating the external resistors, precision can be set current output values
 up to 25 MHZ clock frequency
 working voltage: 3.0 V to 5.5 V


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