TDA8945S Mono Bridge Tied Load (BTL) Audio Amplifier

TDA8945S Mono Bridge Tied Load (BTL) Audio Amplifier
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TDA8945S Mono Bridge Tied Load (BTL) Audio Amplifier

General Description:

The TDA8945S is a single-channel audio power amplifier with an output power of 15 W at an 8Ω load and an 18 V supply. The circuit contains a Bridge Tied Load (BTL) amplifier with an all-NPN output stage and standby/mute logic. The TDA8945S comes in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) power package.


  • Requires very few external components
  • Flexibility in use Quad single-ended or stereo BTL
  • High output power
  • Low offset voltage at outputs (important for BTL)
  • Fixed gain
  • Good ripple rejection
  • Mute/stand-by switch Load dump protection AC and DC short-circuit-safe to ground and Vp
  • Thermally protected
  • Reverse polarity safe
  • Capability to handle high energy on outputs (Vp= 0 V)
  • Protected against electrostatic discharge
  • No switch-on/switch-off plop
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Identical inputs (inverting and non-inverting)
  • Flexible leads

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