PIC16F913 28 pin DIP Microchip

PIC16F913 28 pin DIP Microchip
Product Code: CPU PIC16F913 BIN 653(F)
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  • 28-pin DIP package
  • 3 I/O ports (25mA sink/source)
  • 5 MIPS performance @ 20MHz
  • 2K word Flash Program memory (14-bit words)
  • 128 bytes EEPROM data memory
  • 64 bytes RAM
  • 8-level hardware stack, 3 addressing modes
  • Selectable oscillator options
  • Two 8-bit timer/counters with programmable prescalers
  • 16-bit timer with prescaler
  • Five channel 10-bit ADC module
  • UART
  • PWM Module 10-bit
  • Brown-out detection circuitry
  • Power-On Reset (POR),Power and Oscillator start up timers and Brown-out reset
  • Sleep mode for power reduction
  • Watchdog Timer with separate on-board oscillator
  • Programmable code protection
  • 2 to 5.5V operation
  • Low power consumption < 1.6 mA @5V/4MHz and < 1.0uA standby current

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