MT10 5k ohm 1/4w 5% Multi Turn Potentiometer (502) 3296W

MT10 5k ohm 1/4w 5% Multi Turn Potentiometer (502) 3296W
Product Code: MT10 5k ohm 1/4w 5% (502) BIN 685 (D)
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MT10 5k ohm 1/4w 5% 3296W Multi Turn Potentiometer (502)

The measuring instrument called a potentiometer is essentially a voltage divider used for measuring electric potential (voltage).

Potentiometers are commonly used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment. Potentiometers operated by a mechanism can be used as position transducers, for example, in a joystick. Potentiometers are rarely used to directly control significant power (more than a watt), since the power dissipated in the potentiometer would be comparable to the power in the controlled load.

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