W2028 XH-W2028 = STC1000 Digital Temperature Control & Sensor / probe 220V

W2028 XH-W2028 = STC1000 Digital Temperature Control & Sensor / probe 220V
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Product Code: STC1000 W2028 XH-W2028 Temperature Control BIN Win
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W2028 XH-W2028 = STC1000 Digital Temperature Control & Sensor / probe 220V

Extremely versatile little gadget this is................ as well as being functional, and also appealing to the eye, this is one of those little "must have's" not just because it can serve so many functions but that it is also well suited for sensitive areas of use such as in aquariums, terrariums, vivariums and incubators and very popular for the "brewers" out there.


Switch the modes between cool and heat; Control temperature by 
setting the temperature setting value and the difference value; 
Temperature calibration; Refrigerating control output delay protection; 
Alarm when temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor/probe error.


Material: Plastic, Metal
90 ~ 250V 10A Digital Temperature Controller Thermocouple Thermostat Measurement Range-50 ~ 110 Degrees with Thermometer Sensor
A mini temperature controller.
With large and clear LED display for better readability.
Range of temperature measurement.
Heating and cooling control.
Temperature calibration function.
Delay protection function.
All parameters can be set to default after short circuit.
Can be used for domestic freezer, water tanks, refrigerator, industrial chiller, boiler, steamer, industrial equipment and other temperature-controlled systems.
Operating voltage: 100 ~ 240V ± 10%
Rated current: 10A
Power consumption: ≤3W
Measuring range: -50 ~ 110 degrees Celsius
Measurement accuracy: 0.1 degree Celsius
The measurement error: ±. 3 degrees Celsius
Control accuracy: 0.1 degree Celsius
work temperature:? 20 ~ 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature sensor: NTC 25 degrees Celsius = 10 K B3435
Item Size: 8.8 * 7.7 * 3.5 cm / 3.5 * 3.1 * 1.4in



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