PNK 85 PNK85 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK43

PNK 85 PNK85 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK43
PNK 85 PNK85 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK43
Product Code: STY PNK 85 PNK85 Pioneer stylus CK43 BIN 04 (D)
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PNK 85 PNK85 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK43


  • Replacement 0.7mil conical diamond stylus
  • Type: Moving magnet
  • Output voltage: 3.5mV per channel
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Tracking force: 2.0 - 3.0g
  • Nominal tracking force: 2.5g

Compatible with the following Cartridges:

  • Sansui SV-28, Sansui SV28, Sansui SC-37,Sansui SC37
  • Pioneer PC-K85, Pioneer PC-85, Pioneer PCK85, Pioneer PC85
  • Sharp C-104, Sharp C-114
  • Yamaha CG-2500, Yamaha CG-2600


Compatible with the following Denon Turntable Models:

  • Denon DS101, Denon DS-101


Compatible with the following Sansui Turntable Models:

  • Sansui 1100, Sansui 2200, Sansui 4400, Sansui 920, Sansui 100, Sansui 2200, Sansui FR-D25, Sansui FRD25, Sansui FR-D25B, Sansui FRD25B, Sansui FR-25, Sansui FR25,Sansui SR-212, Sansui SR212, Sansui IS-660, Sansui IS-49012, Sansui IS660, Sansui IS-770, Sansui IS770, Sansui IS970, Sansui P-D20, Sansui PD20, Sansui SR-212, Sansui SR212


Replaces the following styli:

  • Pfanstiehl 698-D7
  • Denon DN-1005, Denon DN1005
  • Pioneer PNK-85, Pioneer PNK85
  • Sansui SN-28, Sansui SN28, Sansui SN-37, Sansui SN37
  • Sharp STY-104, Sharp STY104, Sharp STY-122, Sharp STY122, Sharp STY-114D, Sharp STY-114
  • Yamaha N-2500, Yamaha N2600


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