ST 05 ST05 Sanyo Ion Stylus CK118

ST 05 ST05 Sanyo Ion Stylus CK118
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ST 05 ST05 Sanyo Ion Turntable Stylus CK118
Seperation: 15 dB
Channel distortion:3 dB
Stylus force: 2-3 grams
Output: (at 1K Hz=3.54cm/sec) 200-300MV
Frequency response: 80-10000 Hz (±7dB)
1.High performance, easy part to replace
3.It is simple and convenient to connect the cartridge
The Gartopvoiz / ST05 needle compatible with many record player:
--Crosley NP1, NP6, CR248, CR27, CR43, CR44, CR46C, CR48C, CR49B, CR49TA, CR49TW, CR50TW, CR53, CR67, CR69, CR70, CR73, CR77, CR78, CR79, CR704, CR711, CR712CD, CR87CD, CR6019A, CR8005A, CR7008A, CR6019A, CR8005A, G6082
--ION, NOT work for TT USB. But for iCT05RS, iCT09RS, Quick Play LP, --Power Play LP, Quick Play Flash, Contour LP, Vertical Vinyl, iLP, Archive LP, Forever LP, Live LP, Pure LP, iLP, Max LP
--Innovative-Technology ITRR-501, ITRRS-300, ITVS-750
--Victrola Nostalgic and suitcase turntable player
--Jensen JTA222, JTA230, JTA300, JTA380, JTA410, JTA420, JTA450, JTA460, JTA475, JTA222NDL
--Teac LPR550-USB
--Crosley NP-6 Replacement Needle
--Crosley NP1 Replacement Needle
  • CR8005 (Cruiser) all versions
  • CR7002D (Troubadour Bluetooth)
  • CR42 (Lancaster)
  • CR704C (Musician)
  • CR8016A (Messenger)
  • T100 (Turntable with Speakers)
  • CR6017A (Player)
  • CR6023A (Switch)
  • CR6019E (Executive)
  • CR7018A (Haydn)
  • CR8017B (Voyager)
  • CR7002A (Troubadour Non-Bluetooth)


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