ND 137G ND137G Sony Turntable Stylus CK58

ND 137G ND137G Sony Turntable Stylus CK58
Product Code: STY ND 137G ND137G Sony stylus CK58 BIN 01 (E)
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ND 137G ND137G Sony Turntable Stylus CK58

Used in the Sony VL-37G Cartridge

Compatible in the following Sony models: 

  • Sony 7250, Sony PS-230, Sony PS230,  Sony PS-333, Sony PS333,
  • Sony PS-242, Sony PS242, Sony PS-333, Sony PS333, Sony PS-333, Sony PS333,  Sony PS-434, Sony PS434,Sony PS-434,
  • Sony PS434, Sony PS-T22, Sony PST22, Sony PS-T23, Sony PST23, Sony  PS-T33,  Sony PST33, Sony PS-X33, Sony PSX33,
  • Sony Z600, Sony ZR250,  Sony Z-400, Sony Z-600, Sony ZR-220, Sony ZR-250, Sony ZR400. 709

Replaces the following Needles: 

  • Audio Technica ATN771, Audio Technica ATN-771,
  • Dual DN-441, Dual DN441,  Fisher ST-100,  Fisher ST100,  Radio Shack RS1059,  Sanyo ST-100,
  • Sanyo ST100, Sony ND-137G, Sony ND137G, Pfanstiehl 709-D7.

Compatible with the following Cartridges

  • Dual DMS-210,  Dual DMS210, Dual DMS-240, Dual  DMS240,
  • Dual DMS-242E, DMS242E, Sony VL-37G,  Sony VL37G, Audio Technica AT771, AT-771

Also compatible with the following models:

• Rotel
• Scott Model SPP7035
• Sony Models 7250 PS-230 PS230 PS-333 PS333 PS-242 PS242 PS-333 PS333 PS-333 PS333 PS-434 PS434 PS-434 PS434 PS-T22 PST22 PS-T23 PST23 PS-T33 PST33 PS-X45 PSX45 PS-X33 PSX33 PS-X45 PSX45 PS-X45 PSX45 Z600 ZR250 ZR400



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