PN 290 PN290 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK??

PN 290 PN290 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK??
Product Code: STY PN 290 PN290 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK?? BIN 05 (G)
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PN 290 PN290 Pioneer Turntable stylus CK??

Replaces the following needles:

  • EVG Needles PM2873D
  • Pioneer Needles PN-290 PN-290T

Compatible with the following cartridges:

  • Pioneer Cartridges PC-290 PC-290T

Compatible on the following models:


  • Pioneer Models  ARA70 C110 C110CD
  • Colibri 50
  • Fregate 90
  • MIDI-S330 MIDIS330
  • PL-110ZL PL110ZL PL-111ZL PL111ZL PL-111Z PL111Z PL-221Z PL221Z PL-460 PL460 PL-220ZL PL220ZL PL-221ZL PL221ZL PL-3F PL3F PL-460 PL460 PL-560 PL560 PL-Z750 PLZ750 PL-Z950 PLZ950 PL-Xl0 PLXl0 PL-X20 PLX20 PL-X11Z PLX11Z PL-X20 PLX20 PL-X200 PLX200 PL-X21ZL PLX21ZL PL-X212 PLX212 PL-Z100 PLZ100 PL-Z11 PLZ11 PL-Z750 PLZ750 PL-Z950 PLZ950 PL-460 PL460 PL-560 PL560
  • S-110 S110 S-330CD S330CD S-550CD S550CD
  • System-E2000 SystemE2000 System-X1100 SystemX1100 System-X2100 SystemX2100 System-X4100 SystemX4100 System-X6100CD SystemX6100CD System-X7W SystemX7W System-X70W SystemX70W System-X7100CD SystemX7100CD System-X9100AV SystemX9100AV System-Z750 SystemZ750 System-Z950 SystemZ950 X-300 X300 X-7W X7W X-70W X70W XZ-2030 XZ2030 XA-500 XA500 XA-505 XA505 XZ-1000 XZ1000 XZ-1010 XZ1010 XZ-3000 XZ3000 XZ-3030 XZ3030


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