FRX10.0' to FRX12.4' or diameter 80mm to 100mm Turntable Belt (98mm)

FRX10.0' to FRX12.4' or diameter 80mm to 100mm Turntable Belt (98mm)
Product Code: Belt FRX10.0' to FRX12.4' diam 80mm to 100mm (98mm) BIN Grey
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FRX10.0' to FRX12.4'  or diameter 80 to 100mm Turntable Belt (98mm)  - 

A belt drive turntable spins the platter using an elastic belt that’s attached to the motor. The platter sits on a bearing (a bearing is a device that is used to enable rotational or linear movement) and is isolated from the motor.

What size turntable belt do I need?

To determine what size belt you require, you will need to measure the diameter of the sub-platter.

The sub-platter is the cylindrical section on the underside of the platter that the belt goes around. On some turntables, it is a separate item and the platter lifts off it. With many turntables, it is like this photo where there is a raised cylinder on the underside of the platter.

You’ll need to lift the platter off and turn it over.

To select the correct sized belt measure the diameter (the distance across not around) the sub-platter.

This will usually be in the range 160mm to 210mm. Then choose the belt size just below the measurement. eg if the diameter is 188mm, choose a 185 belt.


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