FRX24' to FRX27' or diameter 200 to 230mm Turntable Belt (207mm)

FRX24' to FRX27' or diameter 200 to 230mm Turntable Belt (207mm)
Product Code: Belt FRX24' to FRX27' diam 200 to 230mm (207mm) BIN Grey
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FRX24' to FRX27' or diameter 200 to 230mm Turntable Belt (207mm)

A belt drive turntable spins the platter using an elastic belt that’s attached to the motor. The platter sits on a bearing (a bearing is a device that is used to enable rotational or linear movement) and is isolated from the motor.


  • The elastic belt absorbs shock and prevents vibrations that are generated by the motor from reaching the platter.
  • Isolating the motor from the platter also results in less noise transmission to the tonearm.
  • It is generally believed that belt drive turntables produce better sound quality due to less noise interference from the motor.

Need a new one?

Option 1: If you still have the old belt in one piece, lay it out flat on a desk. Pinch it at both ends straighten the belt but don't stretch it beyond straight. Measure the length then double your result to get the total circumference of the belt.

Option 2: Maybe your old belt has been obliterated, and is no longer in measurable condition, just use a piece of string and thread it temporarily in place of where the belt goes. Then measure the length of the string.

Option 3: Use a ruler and measure the diameter of the belt pully on the platter.

In all instances above the diameter of the belt measurement must be approximately 10%-15% smaller than the diameter of the platter pully.



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