HeadShell S-ARM for turntable tonearm

HeadShell S-ARM for turntable tonearm
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HeadShell S-ARM type for turntable tonearm,

A headshell is a head piece designed to be attached to the end of a turntable's or record player,'s "tone arm" and the cartridge is bolted to it.Normally, by using a couple of 2.5 mm bolts, it's possible to fit all standard cartridges with 1/2’’ (about 12,5 mm) mount.

The color code below applies to the majority of turntables and tone arms - this code is applicable to the pins on the rear of the turntable cartridge:
Left = white wire
Left Ground = blue wire
Right = red wire
Right Ground = green wire

Be certain to check your turntable user guide to confirm the colors above.

For a removable headshell, the "typical" wiring is as follows - viewed from the wire side of the headshell connector:
Upper left = white
Upper right = red
Lower left = blue
Lower right = green

Again, this may vary depending on the model and make of the turntable

Our head shells are already equiped with their respective wires for connection to the cartridge.

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