Econo De-soldering Wire/Wick 2mm width 1.5M

Econo De-soldering Wire/Wick 2mm width 1.5M
Product Code: TLS Econo De-soldering Wire/Wick BIN 659 (M)
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  1. The process of removing solder with a wick starts by placing the wick over the solder to be removed and then heating the portion of the wick in contact with the joint with a soldering iron. 
  2. As the solder wick is heated and the solder reaches its melting point, the solder is sucked into the solder wick via capillary action.
  3. The solder wick is then removed along with the heat and the solder is allowed to solidify within the wick, apart from the workpiece.
  4. Finally, the used section of wick is discarded

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