MAX7219 Led 8-Digit Tube Display Control Module Red

MAX7219 Led 8-Digit Tube Display Control Module Red
Product Code: DIS MAX7219 Led 8-Digit Tube Display BIN 67 (D)
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MAX7219 Led 8-Digit Tube Display Control Module Red

The MAX7219 is an integrated serial input output common-cathode display driver which is connected to microprocessor or microcontroller along with the 8 bit 7 segment digital LED display. This module can be used with an LED Graph display LED or 64 separated LED. Includes an on chip type B BCD encoder a multi-channel scanning loop, segment WORD driver, and also an 8×8 static RAM that stores each data. This chip is only one external register and can be used to set the state of each LED segment.

The MAX7219 integrates a convenient four wire serial interface (SPI) that can be used on most micro-controllers, microprocessors. Each BIT can be addressed individiaully without having the need to rewrite all data, and also allows you to select data encoding or no-coding

The entire module device includes a 150μA low power shut off mode, analog and digital brightness control, scan limit register allows you to display 1-8 bit data, and LED light detection mode.

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