ATMEGA32A-PU 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller DIP IC 40 Pin

ATMEGA32A-PU 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller DIP IC 40 Pin
Brand: Atmel
Product Code: CPU ATMEGA32A-PU 8 Bit DIP IC 40 Pin BIN 613 (K)
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Ex Vat: R60.97
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This low-power Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 32KB of programmable flash memory, 2KB of SRAM, 1024 byte EEPROM, and an 8 channel 10-bit A/D converter. The device supports throughput of 16 MIPS at 16 MHz and operates between 2.7-5.5 volts.

  • 32K bytes of in-system self-programmable flash program memory
  • 1024 bytes of EEPROM
  • 2K bytes of SRAM
  • Two 8-bit timer/counters with separate prescalers and compare mode
  • One 16-bit timer/counter with separate prescaler, compare mode and capture mode
  • Real Time Counter with separate oscillator
  • Four PWM channels
  • 8-channel 10-bit ADC
  • Programmable Serial USART
  • Master/Slave SPI interface
  • I2C compatible 2-wire serial interface
  • On-chip analog comparator
  • and more!

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