Day/Night Switches

What is a day/night switch?

 A day/night switches outdoor lighting on and off automatically. It consists of a light-sensitive element that registers the brilliance of the ambient light. A switch is activated when the daylight reaches the pre-set level.

Brief changes in light caused by clouds, car lights, lightning etc. will not activate the switch, since there is a built-in time delay.

Today day/night switches is available in many varieties, so it is always important to choose the right system, to suit your needs and control requirements.

Choice of solutions

Before choosing a day/night switch it is important to know:

  •  The installation site (surroundings)
  •  Load (light type/number)
  •  Tolerance requirements (energysaving)
  •  Adjustment requirements

Day/night switches have the advantage over time switches in that they react to the light level, not the time. This means that day/night switches always switch on the lighting when it is needed, and at the same lux level, regardless of whether it is winter or summer.

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